KL International AV Show 2022 Snaps (Part 2)

By Venoth Nair

Here comes the second wave of photos taken by me at the KLIAVS 2022 with a little bit of commentary in between for some of it.

The Center Circle setup was truly an exotic experience which for most can only be enjoyed during the show.
The Kharma Exquisite Grand 3.0 is as the name suggest, Exquisite!
Also displayed was my favourite amp when it comes to looks, (haven’t reviewed them yet so no comments on sound) the Rose RA180 with the RS150 perched on top.
Epson had a pretty cool layout showcasing their products in their varied use environments

Both Jo Ki and James Tan delivered an expertly detailed and beautifully arranged presentation on their setup in the AV Designs room. Focus is on the ability of their system to provide both home theatre and Hifi excellence without compromising performance.

Front and Center, the best seat in the house. That’s a 24 inch sub sitting under the screen if your wondering.
The system build in the AV Designs cinema/music setup

There were also other equipment by AV Designs on static display, including products from Arcam, Falcon Acoustics and JBL

The Classe and B&W setup by TEG
Couldn’t help but take a close up of this beauty
The McIntosh based system with speakers from Borresen in the Audio Perfectionist room was a lovely listen
Not sure if I could ever afford it, but thankfully KLIAVS is here to give us an opportunity to experience it.
I absolutely love the direction taken by both NAD and PSB with their anniversary edition speakers and amp
there isn’t a bad angle with this pairing

Given the limited run and the unique asthetics, these products should be cleared off the shelves pretty quick. Also worry not, their retro only in looks, everything inside is brand new.

The NAD C 3050LE is one for my Wishlist, if I can even get my hands on it.

Considering the quality of the systems and displays put together by the exhibitors this year, the KL International AV Show 2022 was definitely worth the wait. Might consider doing a part 3 as I took quite a lot of photos and I would love to share them. Watch this space!!

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