New beginning for Begins Acoustic

Bouquets of flowers from suppliers adorn the front entrance of Begins Acoustic’s new showroom.

Begins Acoustic began another chapter in its business journey yesterday when its new showroom on Jalan Metro 1/1 in Puchong officially opened.

Many distributors, suppliers, supporters from the audiophile community, friends and family members (all the way from Malacca) turned up for the launch.

The new showroom is spacious with funky designs using the sound absorbing panels which Begins Acoustic specialises in.

An outstanding feature has two booths — one with sound absorption treatment and one with bare walls — to show clearly how sound treatment of rooms, especially listening and demo rooms, will result in less echo and reverberations and better sound.

This booth has sound absorption treatment and music sounded good in it.
The new showroom is spacious. Note the funky designs on the wall using the sound absorbing panels.
More floral bouquets and gifts on display on the demo system.

The new showroom has two demo rooms — one for stereo systems and the other for home theatre and karaoke. The home theatre demo system has a 9.2.2 configuration.

The AV-cum-karaoke demo room.
The stereo demo room. Note the wooden diffuser on the front wall and the hard diffusers made from composite materials on the side walls.
An attractive design on the rear wall of the stereo demo room. It’s actually a diffuser made from a soft material. The rear wall has three layers of sound treatment.
From left: Sales executive Arif, and business partners K.Y. Chua, Kenix Chua and Alle Chan.
Begins Acoustic is coming out with new products such as this sound-treated booth for offices and showrooms where staff can work on their laptops standing up or answer phone calls with some privacy and lower ambient noise.
On the ground floor is a room which has been covered with sound treatment panels on two walls, ceiling and floor. This is to treat office meeting rooms in noisy areas, recording rooms in studios and rooms for travellers to rest in airports.

Begins Acoustic’s new showroom is at No. 19, Jalan Metro 1/1, Puchong. Please contact Kenix Chua at 012-6500610 for more details.

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