Wharfedale makes a return to the scene

By Dick Tan

Are you a ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ music lover who has just come across some new-found happiness in movies? Imagine this scenario – you have been able to land the big digital display HDTV, even managed to select a Bluray disc player that sounds good not only on movie soundtrack but music too.


But you are only geared up for two channel sound with two speakers. Enter Wharfedale.


This stalwart British speaker company appears to have a handy solution on hand with their WH speaker series which comprises dedicated surround speakers, a centre channel unit and a selection of active subwoofers. Whafedale says the WH Series speakers are designed to provide an easy match to just about any existing stereo system allowing multichannel surround performance without having to change the main speakers.


The WH Series surround speakers comprise the models WJ-SR1 and the WH-SR2 dipole speakers.


According to Wharfedale, while there are many school of thoughts regarding the ideal surround speakers it believe that dipoles, which utilize two sets of drive units to disperse sound on two different directions is the best option.


The dipoles, says Wharfedale, while capable of a clear sound also propagate sound from the side and rear walls thus creating a very open sound space of a fuller, more immersive audio experience.


The side firing WH-SR1 features a 28mm dome tweeter and a 100mm bass midrange unit while the front and back firing WH-SR2 comes with two each of the same.


Taking up centre channel duty is the WH-C which measures 150 x 390 x 135mm. It features two 100mm bass/mid drive units flanking as 28mm dome tweeter.


As no multichannel home theatre system is complete without a subwoofer the WH Series offers a selection of two, the 8″ WH-58 and the 10″ WH-S10. Choice will largely depend on room dimensions; suffice it to say that the larger the room the larger the subwoofer needs to be.


The Wharfedale centre speaker


Wharfedale WH-S10 sub-woofer


The more compact WH-S8 features a reflex-loaded woofer driver by a 70-watt power amplifier while the larger WH-S10 is enclosed in a sealed infinite baffle box driven by a substantially more powerful 215-watt amplification system.


Depending on choice of subwoofer and surround speaker, the model price will range between RM2,197 and RM2,877
The active Wharfedale speaker range can be auditioned at the coming KL International AV Show 2013 on 5 – 7 July, at the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur .
For further information, contact Double GT Resources Sdn Bhd, Tel: 03-80750625

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