KLIAV 2013 Show Report Part II.

More KLIAV 2013 show report, the final part:

dps turntable, AIME phono stage, Burmester amps and Magico’s latest S1 speakers sounded sweet and perfect for the hotel room. One of those systems that I found sonically appealing.
YBA electronics makes a comeback to these shores, and partnered with XTZ speakers, they were on the cool side of  neutral tonally speaking.
Malaysia Boleh! Hifi Creations is a new local set up that builds the Line Array 1000 speakers seen here. Very coherent and seamless top to bottom integration, but I reckon with a bit more attention to details, the speaker should be a top performer at bargain price. Watch out for this one. Seen here demo-ed with Nagra source and pre-amp with Sim Audio muscle.
Totem speakers with ??? Heck, it’s another one of those rooms that I missed out.
Centre Circle Audio was demo-ing the AV side of Pathos, proving that tubes need not be a slave to music only!
An iPad feeding powered Audio Engine desk top speakers to good effect.
Audiolab electronics and Mission speakers seem destined for rockers heaven! The 2 pairs of mono blocks are of particular interest to those who wants cheap music watts.
The Rogers LS3/5A 65th Anniversary Edition on static display with matching modern re-production of AB1 bass extender. No demo required, as these babies practically sell by themselves!
A&L Audio Station had Bartolomio Nasta of Unison Research tube amps on demo with the latest range of Opera speakers, which looks really avantgarde in modern decor friendly white and leather wrapped front panel.
A revised Raidho C1 speaker makes it’s way here, with improved mid bass driver for high volume playback, a weakness eliminated from the previous version. Now with a new distributor too! next on static display.
Wharfedale speakers are back with a new distributor, seen here on demo with Cayin Spark tube electronics.
A&L Audio Station demo-ed AV specialist Golden Ear speakers & sub with NAD AV receiver. Note that sound bar, which is high effective for speech.
More AV from A&L Audio Station, this time with PSB speakers and NAD electronics.
Many didn’t like this system for it’s spotlighted highs, when playing CDs, it’s a different story when playing LPs though.
Wifi hifi at it’s best! Finally great hifi quality sound from Dynaudio XEO speakers. Believe me, it”s so good, it’s in the running for best sound of show.
ProAc Carbon Pro 6 speakers with Naim audio electronics, presented by CMY Audio & Visual.
Absolute Sound demo-ed Esoteric’s latest range of amps and CD players with Magnaplanar 1.7 speakers. The sound was pristine, pure and clean.
Canto speakers with Sim Audio electronics, a familiar partnership demo-ed by AVP sound craft.
Mistral(B&W clone) speakers makes another round with LA Audio tube gear. No sound demo when I got there.
Loite CD player with BMC amps, and a pair of very un-recognisable speakers.
Another Absolute Sound room, Meridian DSP active speakers with source from Solos digital media server. The combo sound great and a far leap from previous generations of DSP active speakers.
The highly civilised sounding Clarity MP room with Mark Levinson amps and Revel speakers.
Horns by Swedish Statement, another product for extremely wealthy, and horny individuals! Powered by Vitus Reference range of electronics.
One more AVP Sound Craft demo, Sim Audio electronics with Verity Audio speakers. They had another room featuring Nagra electronics with the same speakers and it sounded totally relaxed, a panacea from the show’s hustle and bustle, if there’s such a thing.


Like I said, we may have missed a few other rooms too in the process of the show coverage, but there were too many things happening at the show, with new product launches(JM Lab Focal), technical talks(QED HDMI) and product presentations(Swedish Statement). Overall, I thought the sound quality demos to be better than last year’s, and there were more intersting products, and new or re-entry brands presented too.


To those who missed this year’s KLIAV, please visit the next one, as I am sure it’ll be bigger and better!


Stay tune for our panel’s top picks for best sound and video quality for KLIAV 2013.

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