Product Launch: Oppo Introduces New PM-3 Headphone/HA-2 Headphone

Article by Dick Tan


Oppo’s new PM-3 planar magnetic headphone – seen here in a variety of colour options


Following the success’ of its PM-1 and PM-2  planar magnetic headphones Oppo recently announced the release of another two ‘head-fi’ products – the PM3 headphone and its matching HA-2 portable  headphone amplifier.


Oppo describes the new PM-3 as a lightweight, closed – back planar magnetic headphone designed for maximum performance and portability.  Also made for easy transportability the  matching HA-2 headphone amplifier features a built-in rechargeable battery that allows it to be easily paired with mobile phones and portable music players.


According to Oppo the PM-3, like the PM-1 and PM-2 before it features the closed -back planar magnetic design because this technology is found to offer the best combination of lightweight, high sensitivity and  excellent sound quality – three of the most desirable feature in high performance headphones.


The closed-back planar magnetic headphone is said to offer a high level of audio accuracy


In addition, the  closed-back feature allows a much higher degree of external noise isolation than would otherwise be possible with conventional headphone designs.


‘A direct benefit of closed-back planar magnetic headphones, because of its effectiveness in isolating colouration inducing external noises is its very high level of sonic accuracy, ‘   says Kenneth Lim, the local Oppo spokesman.


For those seeking to significantly improve performance of typical smart phones or portable music players the HA-2,  says Oppo, should prove to be an excellent choice


A solid, hefty yet lightweight device the HA-2 features a hybrid class AB amplifier and a USB DAC that supports 384 khz PCM as well as DSD256  making it compatible with Apple’s i as well as Android devices.


A 3.5mm input allows the HA-2 to work with players that do not have USB compatible digital outputs.


Convenience features include lightning fast rapid charging and a mobile device power bank.


For further information contact :

Oppo Electronics Sdn Bhd

Tel: 03 79585399 / Kenneth : 012 3894212


Article by Dick Tan


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