Sharp Aquos LC-60LE650M LCD/LED TV

Article by Dick Tan


Sharp’s 60″ LC60LE650M might just be the right big screen candidate for your next HDTV upgrade


Are you looking for a no frills, affordable large screen display to replace your ageing, lower mid-sized (32″ – 40″) plasma/LCD TV? While at it, you also want to move up to a display size that will give you a more immersive sense of home cinema, something bigger then what you have now that will at least keep visual pace with your latest surround sound system yet not cost an arm and a leg?


Well, you may just find such an animal in Sharp’s 60” LC60LE650M. Not exactly its latest to hit the display market the LC60LE650M is nevertheless a current model that has been


Available for quite a few months and is immensely popular with home theatre enthusiasts on ‘Twiggy’ budgets. The retail price is listed at RM4, 499 but one should be able to secure a fairly decent discount at most AV electronic outlets.


At 60″ diagonal width the LC60LE650M should fit snugly into most Malaysian style link houses. With a native 1080p Full HD resolution viewers will be able to sit closer to it than they could have with their small/mid-sized TV of 5 years ago. The closer you are able to sit to a screen the larger the picture appears.


Why the LC60LE650M you ask? The most obvious reason would be its great size to cost ratio.


While it eschews features such as smart and 3D capabilities, which may not be a priority to you, the LC60LE650M packs an impressive visual performance for the going price.


Its picture is bright with a gorgeous colour palette and visual detail is potently sharp and crisp. Its black level while not the best there is; is fairly impressive for 60″ HDTV that cost less than RM4, 500. If your visual diet comprises mainly Blu-ray, HD streaming and Astro Byond chances are you will be rightly impressed with the LC60LE650M.


What it lacks in ‘smart’ capability it backs up with more than ample numbers of connectivity. There are three HDMI 1.4 sockets, one USB input and many other legacy connectors. Should you get the ‘Smart’ urge later on when budget permits there exists quite a number of affordable outboard android devices that can be easily connected to the LC60LE650M.


If you already own a 5.1 channel surround receiver you may not even need all those inputs for it is likely that all sources are will be routed via the AV receiver with only one output HDMI cable from the receiver going to the HDTV. Switching between sources will be done through the AV receiver.


In essence, what the LC60LES650M is; is it’s a good, no nonsense HDTV. If your requirement for a display is for it to put up the best visual possible at the lowest minimum cost the LC60LE650M is your best candidate.


At a time when Malaysian are tightening their belt on superfluous activities and spending more time at home, Sharp’s LC60LE650M may just prove to be the perfect companion for doing exactly just that.


Sharp AV products can be auditioned at the coming KL International AV Show 2015, July 03 – 05, JW Marriott Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


For more information contact:

Sharp/Roxy Sales and Service Sdn Bhd

Tel: 03 51925678


Article by Dick Tan

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