Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE Speaker System

Article by Dick Tan


The Mozart Grand SE features improved bass extension, power and clarity

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1989 by avid music lover and audiophile extraordinaire Peter Gansterer, Vienna Acoustics’ objective is to design and make a superb range of speakers that would live up to the musical heritage that the city is so famous for.


It is therefore no coincidence that all loudspeakers are aptly named after many of the world’s most renowned musicians most of whom happened to be Viennese. Among the first Vienna Acoustics speaker was the Mozart and Beethoven.


Today Vienna Acoustics make the KLIMT Series, the Concert Grand Series and the Shonberg Series. Among them they account for speaker models such as the Mozart Grand, Hayden Grand, the Beethoven Grand, the Waltz Grand, Bach Grand and many others that invoke the name of not only great musicians of the classical era but also of musical genres and events.


The proprietary XPS cone is used for both the bass/mid as well as the bass unit

According to Vienna Acoustics it is from this rich musical background and an extremely high level of technical know-how that its loudspeakers are crafted.


Typical of such high standards of design technology is the Company’s Mozart Grand SE now in its third generation.


Unlike most other speaker companies that offer ‘Special Editions’ of their popular speaker models the SE in the Mozart Grand stands for Symphony Edition.


In this Mozart Grand the improvements include a new woofer with a recently developed ‘Spider Cone’ which allows the Mozart Grand SE to achieve a perceivably improved bass performance with better low end extension and control.


Classified as a 2.5 way design the Mozart Grand SE feature the new 6” Spider Cone bass unit, a 6″ bass/mid XP3 unit and a 1.1″ Hand Coated VA Silk Dome tweeter. Both the bass and mid bass units are loaded via critically tuned ports located at the rear baffle.


The Mozart Grand SE seen here in Cherry and Piano Black finish

While the Mozart Grand SE is not the first Vienna Acoustics speaker to feature the X3P bass/midrange drive unit the cone technology is a proprietary technology that is found in most of its speakers.


Developed from a base polypropylene compound Vienna Acoustics have fine tuned its performance by combining TPX, a unique thermoplastic with three layers of polypropylene to achieve an extraordinarily wide bandwidth for significantly improved levels of detail, dynamic range and control.


Measuring 38.25″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″ the superbly crafted cabinet, inspite of its relative compactness, weighs an incredibly hefty 52kg. The level of finish, especially on Rosewood version is exquisite.


It is rated to be compatible with amplifiers that can output anywhere between 30-200 watts and is relatively sensitive requiring only 1 watt to produce a 90db sound pressure level into a nominal 4 ohms impedance.


Important features include stout metal speaker terminals, solid black metal plinth that supports the speaker with four adjustable spikes, low tolerance custom made crossover network system and up to four levels of gorgeous finishes that includes Cherry, Rosewood, Piano Black and Piano White.


The Mozart Grand Symphony Edition retails for RM17, 600 per pair with the Rosewood edition commanding a higher premium of RM19, 600.


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Article by WL Low


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