KLIAVS 2015: Vertere turntable to be in the spotlight again

The Vertere turntable.
The Vertere turntable.


By Lam Seng Fatt


Looks like there will be one more room where I will spend much time in to enjoy the quality of the music produced by the demo system.


Last year, the room featuring an uber-expensive turntable was among the “Best of Show” rooms.


You are right, the highly-respected Vertere turntable will be on demo again in the Absolute Sound room.


It will also feature the FM Acoustics pre and power amps driving the Focal SM9 recording monitor. Absolute Sound took over the dealership of Focal about six months ago.


In the other Absolute Sound room, TEAC components and the Maggies 7 will be on static display while the demo set will comprise Esoteric components with Twin6 BE Focal monitor speakers.


In Starhill 1B, it will be all Focal, Dimension soundbar, new Sopra, Chorus 700 and recording monitors. On demo will be the new Sopra floorstanding speakers.




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