KLIAV 2015: Readers Choice Award – “Best Sound” & “Best Picture”. Your Votes Please..


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Folks, we now come to the point where we need to talk about the “Best Sound” and “Best Picture” of KLIAV 2015. Before we make our anouncements and to make things more exciting, we would like to ask you (our dear readers) for your vote on which hifi or AV demo system you think deserves the “Best” title and be rewarded.


It’s been nearly a month since KLIAV 2015 wa held, and should you need visual reminders, you may go thru all our show coverage pictures and stories again to help you remember which system caught your fancy the most!


All you need to do after making your choice is to let it be known, by posting them on to the comment section below. You may only choose one hifi and one AV demo system for your listing with the dealer name for reference. Your vote should be listed in the following format for example:


1) Best Sound – Naim Statement/Dynaudio – CMY
2) Best Picture – JVC – AV Designs


E-mail add: _________________


That makes it easy for us to identify the systems of your choice. The hifi and AV system that get the most votes from our readers will be awarded with a “Best Sound, Readers’ Choice” & “Best Picture, Readers’ Choice” Certificate. And what will the voters get for voting?


You’ll get an RM5 BHP petrol voucher! (Valid for the first 10 voters only, so do hurry and do your part) And don’t forget to state your e-mail address below your votes. We shall contact you to arrange for you to claim the vouchers.  Also note that the voting process will be closed and finalised by 15th August 2015. While we will count all votes that come in by the 15th August, only the first 10 voters will get the BHP petrol voucher.


Come join the fun & we are awaiting or your votes! Thanks…



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  1. That’s it folks!

    The voting time has passed and vote counting process will begin shortly. Any further votes would not be counted after this.

    My sincere thanks to all who voted and do wait for our announcement post of the “Readers Choice” Award soon.

  2. Hifi creation is the best all rounded room for sound and picture. Their meticulous and detail setup to present their works are enticing to my sight and sound. Great job.

  3. Best show – hifi creations
    They did a excellent job setting up the analog rig system. Despite such a small room with big 4pc cabinet speaker, they juz ‘nail’ it..kudos to hifi creations

  4. Best HIFI sound – Kronos Pro turntable, skogrand, pacific referencr speaker
    Best HT sound – Maxx Audio’s Dolby Atmos (sorry, felt it sounded better than AV Design)
    Best Picture – Undecided. Many are good, a lot depends on the source material used. Unfortunately, the Gravity which is used to demo Dolby Atmos, esp the scene where the electrical fire started in the space station was very grainy and all three times I was in the AV Designs room, they were playing this. So I cannot make an opinion based on that. (cavert – I know BOTH Max and also AV Design personally, before I indulged seriously into HT so my opinions here can be biased).

  5. Amazing sound – kronos limited edition (hifi creations)
    * this analog system has amazing ‘magical’ sound to it. Wish i can listen to it again..all d best 🙂

  6. Of all the analog system there, i find the kronos turntable(hifi creations) has an amazing lower register music reproduction..very ‘lively’ music experience feel. The magic is just there!!..

  7. Best sound – kronos pro TT (hifi creations)
    * it has such good bass articulation coming from TT. Very dark background with superb resolution..i enjoy very much!
    * definitely best sound for home entertainment

  8. Hifi creations, Ocean five, Franck Acoustics

    Kronos Pro, Skograndcables, Pacific Reference Speaker, Frank Power Bank & Magnet Hyperion

  9. WOW!

    Looks like the battle for “Best Sound” between AV Designs and Hifi Creations is getting very hot and intense indeed!

    What about the other exhibitors like CMY Audio & Visual or Clarisys/Lampizator? No supporters for them?

    I personally think they deserve your votes as well, if you’ve not voted yet. Remember, you’re only allowed to vote once!

    As for “Best Picture” looks like it’s a clean sweep by AV Designs by a far margin.

    Now, only 3 more days before voting ends for “Readers Choice” Award! Keep your votes coming…..

  10. Best Sound – AV Design

    Best Picture – AV Design

    Impressive sound and visual experience with latest Atmos set up !

  11. In my opinion,
    Best sound goes to AV Designs with their PMC/Bryston combo
    and for Home Theater, I’d also go with AV Designs on that.

  12. 1) Best Sound -AV Designs – Bryston/PMC
    2) Best Picture -AV Designs – JVC

    The sound[Bryston/PMC] by AV Designs is clean,effortless,transparent with a strong 3D effect.

    By Now,everyone interested in AV locally will know this,year in year out.
    The picture quality of AV Designs is up there,alone,out of touch by many.
    Nuff Said.

  13. Best Sound – AV Designs PMC Fact 12 driven by Bryston electronics judged based on its ability to conveys music; nothing is impossible for tracks range from Cantus coral tracks to Joe Weed’s astounding staging and yet has the ability to command sensual connection with Sarah MclLarchlan’s Angel! First class without a doubt!

    Best Pictures – by big margin AV Designs in well balanced between image with equally fine sound. Again, first class demo!

  14. WoW!

    That’s a lot of votes! Thanks to all those who have voted, now the BHP Petrol vouchers are all gone!

    But you can still vote your favortite Hifi and AV demo for Readers Choice Award till 15th August!

    Keep em’ coming!

  15. Best sound- HiFi Creation . Kronos Turntable/Skogrand Cable /Magnet Power amp/Ocean Five .Crazy Deep bass but have fun . Nice design ,Impress is handcraft by HiFi Creation . Great show and Great Sound.
    Best Picture – Mo comment .

  16. Great show. I am particularly impress by hifi creation display and setup. Overall I would they r the best sounding in this show

    G voon

  17. 1) Best Sound – Kronos Pro + Skogrand + Ocean Five – HiFi Creations
    2) Best Picture – no comment

  18. Thanks for your votes, Ben & Koan Yih.

    It seems like the AV Designs stereo & HT demo are leading the polls now. Vote for your favorites if you feel otherwise, or just would like to shake things up a bit!

    The remaining 8 BHP Petrol vouchers are waiting……!

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