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Article by Dick Tan


Mission’s Aero is captivatingly elegant inspite of a modernistic aesthetic
Mission’s Aero is captivatingly elegant inspite of a modernistic aesthetic


Regarded by many as one of the stalwarts of the British audio industry Mission has, since its inception almost decades ago, brought forth some truly award winning speaker systems. Many of these Mission speakers are today collectibles and are much cherished by their owners. It is very much in this spirit that it recently introduced its stunning looking Aero wireless speaker system.


Designed to replace the CD player, amplifier and speaker in one elegant enclosure the Aero is able to operate wirelessly via APTX Bluetooth and Airplay that will connect it to most smart devices.


In addition to being a sleek modern looking wireless speaker the Aero is also designed to function as a soundbar whereby a 3.5mm analogue jack and an optical connector allows it to be connected to the audio output of a modern HDTV/UHDTV.


To deliver all its glory in audio dispersion the Aero features up to six full range speaker drive units featuring BMR(Balanced Mode Radiators) cone systems. There is also a 120mm dedicated woofer for delivering extended bass response. Each drive unit is driven by its own dedicated power amplifier. The total output from the six power amplifiers is said to exceed 160 watts.


Even though the Aero’s elegant form is relatively compact at 176 x 540 x 203mm the sheer amount of electronics and speaker drive units packed into its interior explains in part its substandard 7kg weight.


To enable the Aero to achieve some form of surround sound dispersion capability Mission engineers developed its proprietary Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D surround sound technology.


The Mission Aero retails for RM2, 999.

For more details contact:

CMY Audio Visual Sdn Bhd.

Tel:  03-2143 9406

Article by Dick Tan

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