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by Dick Tan


Pioneer’s XW-LF3/LF1 Bluetooth wireless speakers seen here in an elegant leather finish
Pioneer’s XW-LF3/LF1 Bluetooth wireless speakers seen here in an elegant leather finish


Is it because the popularity of wireless technology is so prevalent these days that the big manufacturers of traditional audio products are beginning to incorporate this genre of product in their product line-up or rather, as we would prefer to believe, that IT users, in their search for better sound  has led to such a range of audio components?


Whatever the reason maybe that fact is wirelessly operated audio products are today one of the fastest growing segment of the audio business.  Practically all traditional audio manufacturers include some form of wireless operation in all their product range.


Pioneer, who makes a wide range of traditional and multichannel amplification systems and speakers today feature a strong range of Bluetooth wirelessly, operated speaker system that include the very chic looking XW-LF3 and the XW-LF1.


Describing them as chic is not only apt but accurate, as both the XW-LF3 and XW-LF1 resembles a high-end cigarette case or a real ladies compact.


Looking identical, both the XW-LF3/XW-LF1 measures 151 x 45.5 x 82.5mm and although weighing only slightly differently at 0.345/0.355 kg are solidly hefty to the feel.  Within this compact enclosure lie dual 40mm full range speakers and a similarly sized passive radiator.  The latter, a sort of unwired bass frequency speaker that is used for propagating bass response.


Unlike most speakers that require some semblance of straight line firing for optimum sonic dispersion the XW-LF1/LF3 imposes no such requirements for sound is dispersed 360⁰ from around its midsection.


In addition to its wireless capabilities which works well with all known types of smart phones the XW-LF3/XW-LF1 also offers its own Pioneer Wireless Streaming App and is compatible with iOS7.0 and Android 4.1.


Other features include two input terminals for a 3.5mm Auxiliary and a Micro USB charge port.


According to Pioneer the XW-LF3/LF1 require only a 2 hour charge to store a seven (7) hour playtime.


Although appearing to all intent and purposes to be identical the only differences that separate the XW-LF1 and the XW-LF3 is in the availability of finishing.


The XW-LF1 models come in White, Black and Aqua Blue while the XW-LF3 is leather clad in either Brown or Black.


 For further details contact:

Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn Bhd.

Tel:  03-2697 2920

Article by Dick Tan

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