Avantgarde Acoustic 25th Anniversary Factory Tour, Part 5

Article by WL Low

And now we come the final part of our Avantgarde Acoustic 25th Anniversary factory tour. I left the electronics manufacturing section with new found respect and love for the XA series amplifiers. We now come to the famous Avantgarde factory demo room, which you can actually book attendance on request via the Avantgarde Acoustic website. The rather large demo room is lined with every pair of speakers in the current Avantgarde range, from the Uno all the way to the head honcho Trio plus the optional bass horns, all in variable or optional finishes.  And before the demo session starts…………..


IMG_6718 (3)
Holger takes sometime to explain to us his horny story, since boy hood up to now. From a music enthusiast searching for that “perfect sound” to now, a speaker manufacturer aspiring to make “the most natural sounding” speaker and amplifier system that he can


IMG_6719 (3)
As Armin Krauss listens to Holger’s story, “oh no, not again!”


With the latest XD series Avantgarde speakers, equipped with most gentle of DSP algorithm, one can experience the most musical performance out of room environment possible


IMG_6722 (3)
Lastly, it was this pair of flagship Trio with 3 pairs of optional bass horns, that blew me away. Playing the Proprius Records Cantate Domino, on the track titled Silent Night, this system truly showed the church spatial architecture in the recording. The bigger then lifelike scale and bass depth is truly amazing. Simply said, this is the single most realistic rendition of the track I’ve ever experienced, period. Even my other half who doesn’t bothered about music was shocked in awe, she told me that she felt like god had touched her when inside a church during the play back of the song!


IMG_6723 (2)
And here is the rest of the system that delivered the truly stunning sound. It starts with an Esoteric X-01SE SACD/CD player, with a pair of Avantgarde XA pre & power amp as seen here. Look at those wood veneers on the face plate, and one can’t help but fall in love with the looks, the sound ………….., well basically I want them!


IMG_6726 (2)
Armin is our DJ for the day, spining CD after CD, from orchestral classics, to jazz, and rock music. The Trio system just delivered sonic bliss one song after another


And before we end our tour let take a 360 degree look around the demo room, courtesy of Avantgrade Acoustic.

We wish to thank all at Myhifishop & Avantgarde Acoustic for making this experience possible and warmest hospitality that made us felt the most welcomed in the cold weather.



Article by WL Low

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