AV2Day.com Wants Your Vote! For Best Of KLIAVS 2016, Voting Has End!



Yes guys! It’s here again. This year we are giving your our dear readers pre-show heads up, regarding our on going contest. We got many readers responding to us last year in our request to vote for Best of KLIAVS 2015.

This year, we will reward you for your vote. Each person or email ID is only allowed to vote once! You have 2 categories to vote for including:


1) Best Sound of Show for stereo systems that impressed you the most, or just most memorable sounding this year.                              

2) Best AV Experience of Show for most impressive AV system demo with picture quality & surround sound settings.


Remember folks, this vote is not so much for system or equipment price category, but more of how much effort and experience the exhibitor puts in to setting up the demo system. Expensive equipment is a good starting point, but as past year results showed, that it’s not all a money game only. In the end, only the best sound quality and the most holistic AV experience you have enjoyed during the show counts!


Click here and place your vote!


How will we be rewarding you? Please make sure you complete your vote with NRIC No., email address and contact able telephone no. That way your vote will go in to a lucky draw box for the big day of prize giving event(to be held sometime after KLIAVS 2016), we will contact you to come collect your prize. We have 15 meaningful prizes awaiting for your collection!


You have until 31st July 2016 to cast your votes.

All votes submitted later than 12am, 01st August 2016 will not be counted.


So please make your way to KLIAVS 2016 this weekend, have a good experience with the best in stereo sound and latest in big picture and surround sound formats, and come back here to this page to vote for your favorite demo systems, or the dealer/exhibitor that you support most! Enjoy……

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