Teac A-R650 MK11 Integrated Amplifier

Those were the days

by Dick Tan


TEAC's A-R650 MK11 sports a retro 60's and 70's look
TEAC’s A-R650 MK11 sports a retro 60’s and 70’s look


TEAC, for those who are perhaps too young to know, is a highly-regarded manufacturer of tape recorders and players used by the professional as well as the consumer sectors.


Today TEAC is a far more diversified organisation and makes all manner of consumer electronic products including amplifiers.


Highly regarded for their excellent value for many designs the latest TEAC integrated amplifier, the A-R650 MK11 is a 120 watts per channel unit that is said to be compatible with any speaker load varying from 4 – 16 ohms.


Rear panel of the A-R650 MK11.  All analogue inputs only.
Rear panel of the A-R650 MK11.  All analogue inputs only


A fairly large (435 x 142 x 355 mm) and hefty (10kg) amplifier, the A-R650 MK11 features up to 7 inputs, one of which is phono which accepts signals from a moving magnet cartridge of a turntable.


The A-R650 MK11 also has two sets of speaker terminals enabling playback of a separate set of speakers in, say, another room.


Other design features include the use of a differential input discrete pre-amplifier circuit for a more natural yet detail sound, separate bass and treble controls, source direct control which maintains signal purity, bypassing unnecessary amplifier stages, a microphone input and an output for headphone connection.


According to TEAC the A-R650 MK11 is a pure analogue amplifier design and its retro looking aesthetics supports that. There are no digital connections and is set to appeal to music lovers with a penchant for LP records and turntables as well as CD players connected via the analogue inputs.  It retails for RM 1,800 and comes with an infrared remote control.


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Article by Dick Tan

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