PMC MB3 XBD-A and JVC DLAZ-1 to be Demoed at KL International AV Show 2017

An Alliance of Epic Proportions

by Venoth Nair


AV Designs will be giving visitors at the KL International AV Show this year a serious treat for both their eyes and ears with a killer combination of products from two (2) different parts of the world. Coming from Japan, JVC’s current native 4K projector flagship, the DLA Z1 and from the UK, PMC’s premium professional active speaker the MB3 XBD-A. Both of this equipment are serious heavyweights when it comes to performance, both figuratively and literally.


Weighing in at 88 kgs a piece the PMC MB3 XBD-A is a speaker that demands your attention. Digitally amplified with each driver type being independently powered, the MB3’s are fed with a combined 3225 watts of pure power per speaker. The power modules for these beasts are external and connect to the speakers via balanced connections. Divided into two modules, namely the Control 1200 and Power 2400, the amplifiers are built to studio specifications that allow them to be rack mounted (for those who have racks or something similar).


The MB3 XBD-A is available only in black thanks to their studio centered design, but still stunning nonetheless


As its main KL International AV Show 2017 highlight, AV designs will be pairing these titanic towers (the MB3 XD-A stands at 1.74m in height) with the equally commanding and back breaking DLA-Z1 projector which is the culmination of years of expertise in projection stuffed into a sleek black body. The JVC DLA-Z1 like all projectors from JVC, are famed for their amazing black levels and detail. The Z1 proves no different being at the fore of what quality of image can be achieved by a projector today.


The Z1 will be delivering its jaw dropping images on a 150 inch, 2.35.1  aspect ratio screen courtesy of Screen Research for a big image to match the equally big sound.


JVC’s Z1 looks as good as the images it produces which is spectacular to say the least


As the PMC MB3 XBD-A will be performing home theatre duty, the fronts will be paired with the matching PMC MB3-C-A centre speaker to provide a worthy match to the mains, completing the front end for the ultimate home cinema setup. The gargantuan centre speaker has the same number and size of drivers like the XBD-A, but in a slightly different arrangement. The entire system will be connected to the Bryston SP3 which will be on processing duty for the entire system.


Since this will be the first time the MB3 XBD-A will be demoed in the South East Asian region (all the more reason to come have a listen) the folks at AV Designs figured that it would be best to show all of this speakers talents, which is why the MB3 XBD-A will alternate between two setups, the second being of course in a stereo configuration for pure musical bliss. In this setup the front pair of speakers will be connected to a Bryston system comprising of the BDP-3 media player connected to the BDA-3 DAC which will then send its signal to the BP-26 preamp before it’s finally distributed to the PMC’s.


The rack mountable ampliers that drive the behemoth PMC MB3 XBD-A speakers look as serious as the speakers themselves


AV Designs will also be demoing a mid-level home theatre system in the Quartz room at the KLIAV Show for those who love things big but may not want to ‘blow away’ their life savings. This system will comprise of components from JVC and Screen Research but with Bryston speaker instead of PMC. This system will showcase how the entry level JVC projector can also reproduce amazing 4K HDR results when properly set and calibrated up for it.


Other display will include the Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp paired to the BDP-Pi as a source.


Be sure to come on over to the KL International AV Show at its new venue in Sunway Putra Hotel (opposite PWTC) on 28th to the 30th July to have a taste of the exotic.


Article by Venoth Nair

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