Bryston Introduces the BLP-1 Turntable

Never Say Never Again

by Dick Tan


Bryston BLP-1
Bryston’s BLP-1 turntable in its attractive minimalist look

Never say Never…. That’s what the designers at Bryston learned. After many years of stating that they would never build a turntable they finally did.


What caused this highly reputed Canadian manufacturer of high performance amplifier electronics to change their mind?  A phono pre-amplifier that they were designing led them to realise that the high gain stages in the phono pre-amplifier yielded such high-level bandwidth with remarkably low distortion that it rekindles their interest in vinyl and ultimately to considering designing a turntable of their own to optimise on the performance of their phono pre-amplifier ranges.


The result?  Bryston’s BLP-1 turntable.


According to Bryston the BLP-1 has been engineered to give an exceptional level of vinyl playback accuracy by ensuring the most stable playback speed possible and that pure signal mitigating structural resonances are kept to the absolute minimum.


In pursuit of these goals, part of the design of the BLP-1 includes the necessity of keeping the power supply stage separate from the main turntable assembly.


Also included in the design is an external belt drive system, a thick 35mm Delrin platter with integral record mat, a hardened carbon steel spindle and ultra hard bronze bearing polished to 0.02mm tolerance and a highly finished, thick vented plinth that is said to eliminate platter turbulence as well as vibration from reaching the critical performance bearing system.


Included as part of the BLP-1 turntable is a straight titanium tonearm with integrated head shelf, a record clamp and a set of special tonearm cable. The BLP-1 retail for RM16,500.


For further information contact:

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