JVC Introduces Native 4K Projectors

Beyond 4K

by Dick Tan


One of JVC’s newest native 4K home theatre projectors, the JVC N5
One of JVC’s newest native 4K home theatre projectors, the JVC N5

In a recent announcement JVC revealed it is ready to release three new home theatre projectors that offer native 4K resolution. Yes, native 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, not 1920 x 1080p upscaled or, in JVC’s technical parlance ‘e-shift’ to 3840 x 2160 resolution.


There are three models that should be made available anytime soon and one of the three is even capable of ‘e-shifting’ its native 4K 3640 x 2160 resolution to 8K.


The top model, the NX9, is the world's first 8K projector
The top model, the NX9, is the world’s first 8K projector

In short, the new JVC 4K projectors are as follows:

  1. JVC DLA-N5 – the entre level model (native 4K)
  2. JVC DLA-N7 – the mid model (native 4K)
  3. JVC DLA-NX9 – the top model (native 4K) with 8K scaling capability

Unfortunately, at the time of writing the price remain unavailable. What we do know is that all three models offer a unique feature known as Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) that both upscale as well as refine visual performance at very high video resolutions.


Having over the years established a solid reputable for designing high performance projectors that truly deliver the ‘goods’ JVC’s new range of 4K projectors, with 8K e-shifting are set to tip the balance of the high-performance home theatre market firmly in its favour.


All these models are lamp powered and depending on usage may last between 4000-5000 hours.


For further details contact:

Klingen & Erlesen Sdn Bhd

Steven Woo: 012355937

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