Audio Image offers vinyl-cleaning service

Cleaning an LP with te KIrmuss ultrasonic cleaning machine.
Cleaning an LP with the Kirmuss ultrasonic cleaning machine.


By Lam Seng Fatt


Most audiophiles have several LPs that are noisy and give out lots of clicks and pops when played. Either they have lots of static or their grooves are caked with dirt, dust or plasticizers.


Serious vinyl addicts own record-cleaning machines and all sorts of washing and restoration liquids. But the machines and cleaning liquids are expensive and not every audiophile can afford them.


That is where Audio Image, the hi-fi and turntable specialist in Section 19 Petaling Jaya, steps into the picture. Adrian Wong, the owner of Audio Image, said he has just started offering LP-cleaning services.


For RM5, your LP will get a regular wash and vacuum using the record-cleaning machine made by Audio Image.


RM15 will get your LP a regular wash and vacuum plus ultrasonic clean using a Kirmuss Ultimate Ultrasonic Record Restoration System KA-RC-1.


Pay RM30 for the ultimate cleaning job – a regular wash and vacuum, ultrasonic clean plus the Kirmuss complete restoration system which include applying anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static surfactants onto the LP and several cycles of ultrasonic treatment until a toothpaste-like substance is removed from the grooves with a goat-hair brush.


Audio Image also offers an LP-flattening service for RM20.


Adrian Wong said he himself was surprised by the improvements in sound quality after cleaning dirty LPs with the Kirmuss complete cleaning and restoration system.


For more details, Adrian Wong can be reached at  016-600 1218. Or you can call his son, Joseph Wong, at 010-200 1992.


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