HiFi Shack offers demo sessions

LIstening to the sound system in HiFi Shack's lapartment.
Listening to the sound system in HiFi Shack’s ‘showroom’..


HiFi Shack, the Facebook marketplace run by Wilson Teoh, is offering demo sessions in its ‘showroom’ which is actually the living room of an apartment in Aliff Avenue, Tampoi in Johor Bahru.


The system set up comprises:


Amplifier: Silbatone JL-107 & Audia Flight FLS10
Speakers: Audio Solutions Figaro M, Harbeth P3ESR and KEF R300
Streamer/DAC: Mytek Brooklyn Bridge & Chord Hugo TT2
Power: Novaris PP Surge Filter


To book an appointment, please call Wilson at 012-6372813


HiFi Shack is the marketing agent for Silbatone valve amplifiers, TeraDak linear power supply, Novaris PP Surge Filter and Line Magnetic valve amplifiers,. It has available the Line Magnetic LM805ia (SE model) which is a single-ended triode utilising 805 power tubes operating in pure Class A and offers 48 watts per channel. — By Lam Seng Fatt

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