Northern Audio Visual Penang: Day 2

By Lam Seng Fatt

Today I had more time to browse around and have a closer look at (and longer listen to) systems and components on demo and display.

I also visited the 7th floor of the Ascott Gurney Penang where there were two rooms — one featuring karaoke systems and the other a home theatre system.

After spending some time browsing around and observing, it was obvious that the music streamer designed by Dr Anwar Ali attracted quite a crowd due to the fact that his AA Audio streamer and demo system sounded good.

There were two other systems that stood out in terms of sound quality. One was the demo system at Audio Perfectionist comprising the Borresen 03 speakers driven by McIntosh pre and power amps with the source being the Cary Audio DMS700 music streamer. The other was the Stenheim Alumine Three speakers driven by the Boulder 866 integrated amp with the source being the Mark Levinson No 512 SACD player.

I also spent some time enjoying myself listening to the Meze Audio Empyrean headphones driven by the iFi Pro iCan Signature headphone amp. The Empyrean headphones are one of the best cans that I have heard.

Here are some photos taken on Day 2 of the Penang AV show:

Begins Acoustic is offering an acoustic panel with an interesting design which looks like a circuit board.

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