Northern Audio Visual Penang: Outstanding amps by CCY

The pre, power amp and monoblocks in CCY.Engineering’s demo room.

There is another outstanding Made-in-Malaysia product at the Penang AV show. This other impressive debut is by electrical engineer Chong Ching Yong, better known as CCY, who has been making Pass Lab-based amps.

At the Northern Audio Visual Penang show, he is introducing two amplifiers of his own design — the SS300B single-ended Class A 65-watter stereo power amp and the XA 60 300 monoblocks. The latter offers 60 watts in Class A and switches over to 300 watts in Class AB when pushed. It is a push-pull design, CCY said.

The XA 60 300 has so many LED lights in it that when the cover is removed, it looks like some kind of space ship.
The preamp used in CCY’s demo system, but bear in mind it is still a work in progress.

In CCY’s demo system, he uses his own preamp, which is still a work in progress, and the stereo power amp and monoblocks to drive a pair of vintage Yamaha NS1000 speakers.

He has set up a switching system and it is just a few flicks of switches to compare the SS300B stereo power amp and the XA 60 300 monoblocks.

Personally I preferred the SS300B stereo power amp which delivered a nice, dense and textured midrange.

Go to his demo room to find out which amp you prefer. It is a good debut for CCY’s designs and they are ready for market. — Posted by Lam Seng Fatt

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