Venoth’s take on Gelombang 2022

By Venoth Nair

Knowing fair well that Lam will post a good amount of content to cover the Gelombang 2022 AV fest, I have decided to curate my selection of pictures and comments as to avoid being too repetitive (not too much anyway because there maybe a little here and there which are repeats, but they are worth it, I promise). So here are some of my personal snaps during my visit over two days. Hope you enjoy them!

The Welcoming Committee led by the glamorous Gelombang Girls.
The Audio Perfectionist Room, which was abuzz with visitors checking out the systems on offer.
The Novaris girls flank the Excalibur, A powerline surge filter with impressive build.
The Insides of the Excalibur up close.
The KLH Model 5, driven by Canor electronics in one of two A&L Audio rooms
The Graham LS6f paired to a host of components from Electrocompaniet for a system as striking looks wise as it sounds in A&L Audio’s second room.

There was a plethora of fantastic performances during the show as well from a host of local
artistes covering various genres of music. As the performances ran concurrently with the AV show, I was only able to pick and choose a few slots to attend. Below are some snapshots
from the sessions I was able to attend, which were all highly enjoyable.

A captivating performance by Zoey Hui, who was not well, though nobody could honestly tell.
JSY Band (featuring Celist), rendered some smooth jazz numbers which were highly enjoyable. This says a lot considering that I don’t understand Mandarin.
Even rock bands were given their time to shine, a nice twist to the show.

There’s plenty more to share, so look out for Part 2 of my snapshots coming up next.

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