KL International AV Show 2022 Snaps

By Venoth Nair

Given the dry spell experienced by Hi-Fi and AV enthusiast alike with the 2 years of limitations due to the pandemic, we were all finally rewarded.

Below are some of the snaps from my time walking around and exploring the show over the span of 3 days. There maybe some repeat in the pics with Lam, but I am sure seeing it twice won’t hurt at all.

The Dali Kore was Launched here in Malaysia with lucky audiophiles over here being the rare few to actually hear it.
The Rear firing bass ports which have a unique design
Biwireable are the Kore, a reminder that their passive speakers
Also launched was the Ruark R2 Mk4 music system which was done by the man himself, Alan O’Rourke
The system at the YL Audio room

The shear number of systems setup for demo at CMY was seriously mind boggling. Luckily the CMY team prepared a schedule!

I personally love the look of the Naim components here
Many system had subs paired up, but this one was the biggest

Many beauties were also placed on static display for our viewing pleasure!

Those hungry for bass was also treated to a static display of the entire JL Audio lineup available by Maxx Audio Visual.

I simply couldn’t resist a photo with the best looking one of the lot. She looks amazing even at 163 kg in weight…Solid!!
A little treat for those who fancy the rears

There is so much more to share, which will be coming in Part 2 of this photo series…coming real soon!!

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