Gryphon EOS 2: The speakers with many firsts

The Gryphon EOS 2 looks quite stylish.

By Lam Seng Fatt

Gryphon Audio Designs’ EOS 2 floorstanders, which were launched in Malaysia on Saturday (Jan 14), actually notched several firsts in Gryphon’s history of making speakers.

First of all, it is the first Gryphon speaker that was not designed by the company’s founder Flemming E. Rasmussen who retired in 2018. It is the first Gryphon speaker that does not use the Mundorf AMT tweeter. It is the first Gryphon speaker to use thin-ply carbon fibre cones in its bass drivers and it is the first to use beryllium tweeters. It is the first to use Mundorf components in its crossover (the other models use Duelund components). It is also the first Gryphon speaker to use compact laminates in many parts of the speaker.

It is also the first in the industry to use a very large beryllium tweeter at 34mm diameter. Gryphon’s Sales Director Rune Skov explained that the large size is to extend the frequency response of the tweeter lower to have the crossover frequency at the unusually low 2.2kHz. “The highs are less aggressive and there is also less sibilance,” he said.

Gryphon’s Sales Director Rune Skov

Rune said the speakers were named EOS because in Greek mythology, EOS was the goddess of the dawn and to Gryphon, it represents a fresh beginning, a new chapter in the company’s history of making speakers.

Since it is Gryphon’s entry-level speaker aimed at the lower level of the high-end market, it is hoped that it will attract a new and younger segment of audiophiles to have a taste of what the world of Gryphon audio offers.

Rune added that Gryphon will not make standmount speakers any more as it costs just as much to make a standmount as it does to make a floorstander.

The Gryphon EOS 2 speakers have been designed to have a lively, sparkling and big sound which would appeal to a younger audience.

Gryphon Audio Designs products are distributed in Malaysia by YY Audio Systems. For more details, contact Shaiful Anuar Sulaiman at +6017-2723036

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