Article by Dick Tan

Oppo Electronics which started out over a decade ago in the U.S. has established an enviable reputation since for making source components that deliver outstanding performance at outstanding value.

It is at this note that Oppo Electronics introduced its new range of AV products at the recent KL International AV Show 2014 and chief of its range is the BDP-105D.

KEF LS50 Speaker

18 Aug 2014

Article by Venoth Nair     The KEF LS50 is a mid-range mini monitor built to embody KEFs illustrious history as a speaker manufacturer showcasing the absolute latest in loudspeaker technologies developed by the company over the past 50 years.   The LS50 was designed applying references harkening back to one the most popular bookshelf [...]

Article by Dick Tan     One of the most significant news to emerge from the KL International AV Show 2014 was the announcement by industry stalwart, Wo Kee Hong Electronics that it has been appointed the new distibutor for the iconic Klipsch range of speaker systems in Malaysia.   Most audiophiles will instantly recognise [...]

By Tan TE
My list of favourites from KLIAV2014

Article by WL Low   The Magnet Hyperion Reference One amplifier, looking dignified in my man cave surroundings.   Earlier on Lam Seng Fatt reported on the Magnet Hyperion Reference One as a somewhat “succulent amp”. I would agree on that sonic description but would like to reveal more here. The Hyperion Reference One sits [...]

By Lam Seng Fatt

I am not sure if any other audiophile noticed this but this year’s Kuala Lumpur International AV Show featured a lot of (not showgirls) but headphones.

This is the revolution that is taking place especially among the Gen Y cool crowd (not old fogeys like me). The youths and young adults are all listening to MP3 files stored in their smartphones using headphones. And some of the headphones or earphones they buy are not cheap – just go to Jaben and have a look at the prices of the Japanese-made FitEar In Ear Monitors. They cost twice or three times the price of my resident Sennheiser HD600s!

Article by WL Low Did you take part in The Golden Ear challenge at KLIAV 2014? There have been tremendous pressure on our staff writers to disclose the “Creme de la creme”, the bonafide and those about to be certified Golden Ears, a.k.a. the eight guys who have the most golden of ears in Malaysia! [...]

By Lam Seng Fatt

Quite a number of people who took part in the shootout between the co-ax and Toslink cables admitted that the connections were “very close” in terms of sound quality.
A few exclaimed in disbelief when they found out that their preferred cable turned out to be Toslink.
It just goes to show that Toslink technology has improved very much in the past few years and audiophiles should not look down on it. It is a viable alternative to co-ax and it can even be superior to co-ax.

Article by WL Low

Here are some statistics we have compiled from the final tally of the “Golden Ear Challenge” presented by this web site, From the 10,000-odd KLIAVS 2014 visitors, we sampled 294 participants over a three-day period, which means about 3% of total showgoers were tested.

Article by WL Low

This challenge came about with Lam Seng Fatt’s request a few months ago for a few of us audiophiles to help him to blind test between two digital transmission methods, the ever popular co-axial (electrical) vs Toslink (optical). We refined the blind test format over a period of three months to weed out the element of luck, minimise the element of cross referencing among participants, and lastly, ensure the privacy of participant’s results. With enough discussion and resources thrown in, we decided to do it, with the enthusiastic participation from the good folks at AV Designs (equipment sponsor), CMY Audio Visual (cables and full prize sponsor)and 3Dot Events (room sponsor), which is the organiser of KLIAVS 2014…

By Tan TE
The seventh batch of photos from KLIAV2014.

Article by Venoth Nair

The I-Mego Throne is an entry level headphone designed to meet the demand of those who seek a stylish audio upgrade to their basic ‘included with the box’ headphones. The Throne comes in two varieties with each coming in two distinct flavours to suit your audio taste buds. These models are

Article by Dick Tan

Almost challenging the turntables in simplicity and excellence of design is its range of integrated amplifiers, the latest of which is the Elex-R…