OPPO UDP205 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player

Built like a battleship

by Dick Tan


Oppo’s new flagship the UDP205 offers unmatched audio and video performances

Oppo, a name synonymous with the best in high performance Blu-ray Disc players recently announced the release of its new flagship the UDP-205.


Oppo undoubtedly has gone to great length to ensure that no stones are left unturned in its effort to win over hard core, high end audiophiles.


“Supplementing rather than replacing the more affordable UDP203, the UDP205 is packed to the gills with award winning features both for its audio as well as video sections.


For example, the audio section is equipped with dual ESS Technology ES9038 PRO 32-bit Hyperstream DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) for both its 7.1 channel as well as 2 channel analogue audio output.


According to Oppo the ESS Technology ES9038 PRO is capable of achieving a benchmark setting performance of up to 140db dynamic range.


On its video section, the UDP205 features a highly specialised MediaTek 4K UHD Blu-ray video decoder for the most accurate image decoding and 4K video processing currently available.


A superbly constructed set the UDP-205 is a massive unit measuring 440 x 127 x 419mm and its 18.5kg weight reflects not only the size but the quality of the components found within it which includes a large toroidal PSU transformer.


Yet another feature that videophiles will find interesting is the HDR 10 (High Dynamic Range) video and colour gamut expansion format.   As a safeguard against obsolescence the UDP-205 also offer support for Dolby Vision, upgradable via a firmware upgrade.


For further details contact:

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