A Second Chance to Listen to HiFi Creations / Ocean Five’s Pacific Reference System

Article by Tan TE

Many who attended the KLIAVS 2015 were very impressed with the system put up by Hifi Creations and Ocean Five, which was anchored by their mighty 4-piece Pacific Reference loudspeakers, driven with electronics from Kronos, Nagra, Magnet and Frank Acoustics.

Many also thought that their listening experience at the Show was not enough, and they wanted to listen to the system again.

Well, fans of the Pacific Reference, now you can.

Hifi Creations and Ocean Five have moved the entire system to a bigger and more conducive environment to showcase it; and with more time and effort spent in setting it up, they have succeeded in my opinion in making the system perform even better than at the Show.

The space the system is now in is a SOHO unit in Oasis Damansara, Petaling Jaya. It is set up to serve as a private listening room and anyone can arrange an audition of the system with Hifi Creations’ Victor by calling 012-2962799.

DSC_5436Look -L



The sources are the Kronos turntable, Nagra VPS phono stage and Nagra CDP.


Nagra PL-L preamp


A DEQX active crossover splits the signal to the power amps


The watts are supplied by 3 Magnet power amps

The entire system is further supported by 6 (!) pieces of Frank Power Banks


Skogrand cables are used throughout

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